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Hi everyone! I’m hopping on today to wish everyone a peaceful and comforting Thanksgiving. As you might have noticed, I didn’t record an episode for this week. I know that the holidays can be a tough time for many who are missing their baby or babies, me included. I think the holidays, especially in the last two months of the year, come with a lot of pressure to feel thankful, jolly and blessed. And while there are a lot of things I feel thankful for in my life, I still hold grief in my heart because I’m not able to share these things in my life with Steven.

If you need time and space today, I encourage you to take it. Feel what you need to feel. And please know that there is enough space in your heart to feel both gratitude and grief. You do not have to choose one or the other.

Sending love to you all and remembering your babies with you. Happy Thanksgiving.