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grief & love

Navigating through life after loss one day at a time.

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a rainbow does not erase the devastation of a storm. it acknowledges it. 

Our mission 

The term “rainbow” often refers to pregnancies and babies born after loss. However, life after pregnancy and infant loss looks different for everyone.

First and foremost, we are here to find ways to remember and honor all our children who are not here with us.

Second, we aim to converse about what life looks like and feels like after a loss.

And third, we hope to find joy and comfort around us. Joy and grief are not mutually exclusive and we continue to learn how to live life with both in our heart. t

Meet Justine

I experienced loss in October 2018 when, at a 22-week ultrasound, I was told my son’s heart was no longer beating. Losing my first pregnancy and son was one of the hardest moments of my life, the second being going through my second pregnancy about a half year later. In January 2020, we welcomed my second child into the world and there has never been a day with him that I take for granted. Thank you for joining me on this life-after-loss journey.

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